Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Growing Up!

It was a BIG day for us today, as it was Trevor's FIRST day of PRESCHOOL!!  It has been nerve-wracking leading up to this day.  I know when you send your child off to school for the first time, it's not easy, especially when they haven't attended daycare.  But when your child has a medical condition, it's even harder, as there are so many more things to worry about.  All of these scary thoughts go through my head... what if he gets hurt, if he was having any heart issues would the teacher know, is he going to be treated differently because of his scars, is he going to have any delays with learning, is he going to stop and rest if he gets tired.  So many things to think and worry about.  I'm so excited for him to be like other kids, but then... I am terrified!  I know he won't have any problems making new friends though, as he is very social, and loves talking with people.  I just wish I could keep him at home forever & ever, and hold on tight to him.  I know, it's probably just me... stressing out, being an overly protective mom, but that's my right as a mom.  I'm just not ready for him to grow up!!

So this is how the day went.  This morning, Trevor woke up bright and earlier, ready to go to school for the first time.  After getting his backpack ready, we were off.  Soon as we walked into the classroom he headed right off to the play area to introduce himself to all of his new friends.  No problems fitting right in.  Mom here still a bit nervous, so I stayed and helped out in the classroom for a while.  He ended up having a blast, but at the end of three hours, he was ready to go home to relax.  He talked all day about his new friends and can't wait to go back again on Friday.  One more big step taken, making our lives even more normal! 

I can't believe that just five months ago Trevor was going in for his third open heart surgery, and now he has started preschool at the elementary school he will be attending next year for Kindergarten.  Life is becoming so normal!  Yes, we still have to go in for blood draws every few weeks to check on his coumadin levels (blood thinner meds).  But on a good note, his last day for coumadin is one month away - yeah!  Being on the coumadin really stresses me out with the risks that are involved with falls and head injuries.  The Cardiologist will continue to monitor his enlarged liver, as liver complications and other heart issues can develop after the Fontan surgery.  (  As for the extra spleen that is hanging around in his body, nothing to worry about... just an extra body part his doctor said :)  He has his ongoing Cardiology appts, even though his next one won't be until February next year.  Yep, next year!  At his last appointment, his saturation levels are at 96% and there is even a chance that it can get to 100%.  Wow, 96% is Awesome!  Even better than this, the cardiologist said Trevor does not have any restrictions right now.  Nope, NO RESTRICTIONS!  So you know what that means... time to sign him up for soccer.  He's got a great left foot!  And this winter we will have to get him out on the slopes to learn to ski.  He will have to learn in time what his heart can handle and when it's too much and time to take a break.  He will have to learn to set his own limits.  The way the cardiologist put it, Trevor is in the honeymoon period.  Honeymoon Period???  Basically the next few years his heart will be great and he will have lots of energy, but as he nears his teen years, then the rhythm issues start and we will start seeing the differences of his half of working heart to kids with a normal heart.  He will have a more difficult time keeping up and will tire out easier.  And there can be the other possible complications that can develop after the Fontan surgery.  Not the best of news.  So we can either worry about what his future holds or live in the now enjoying the honeymoon. We are all for the honeymoon period and giving Trevor every opportunity in life to be like other kids. We will just take it one day at a time, starting with preschool!

First Day of Preschool!

Just some other photos we've taken over the last couple of months that I'd like to share.

Hanging out with Grandma & Grandpa at Seaport Village

Oh yea... no more low fat diet, so we had to take him out for a burger!

Homecoming Night for Travis

Shamu & You Family Walk!

My Heart Hero!

Spending the Day at Bates Nut Farm