Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 9...Post-Fontan!

Yeah! Yippee! Yahoo! 

A week ago yesterday, on May 17th, our little heart hero Trevor underwent his third open heart surgery for his complex single ventricle. The day we had been dreading for years, even though it was the day we wanted to get here asap. We just wanted to get this third and hopefully last surgery over with.

It's a huge relief to be going down recovery road. One day in the Critical Intensive Care Unit and then moved to Intermediate Care... Amazing! For the most part the recovery has gone well, except for the concerns of the excess fluids in his chest becoming chylous effusions (chylothorax). But with the quick action of the doctors we are hoping they have his chest fluids under control so it will no longer be an issue.

Yesterday his last chest tube was removed, along with the pacing wires. He still has the IV in his hand for fluids, heparin, and other meds and the wires for the monitoring of his heart rate and O2 sats. I still can't believe this...O2 Sats at 98! Before his surgery his O2 average was 85. Wow!! I would of been happy with the low 90's. They also started him on coumadin which will take a few days to get leveled out.

Trevor was such a happy camper today when the doctors came by to say he could start taking clear fluids by mouth again. They said his xrays looked better today than in his pre-op xray. He had the biggest smile on his face when the gatorade arrived at his room. The last few days have been difficult since we could only give him ice chips by mouth every 2-3 hours, along with his IV. We tried keeping him distracted with movies, games, and taking short walks to the playroom. We were starting to see the grumpy side of him with not getting many calories. I think any of us would be grumpy too if we couldn't eat for a few days. With losing a few pounds (@3.5 lbs) his energy levels were going down. Poor thing... every time the food service walked by, he would comment that someone was getting food, but not him :(

What a big change a little gatorade can do. He had more energy to go for walks around the pod and visits to the playroom today. The smallest improvements in his recovery gives us all the greatest feeling. It just leads us one step closer to getting home! Home Sweet Home! Not getting my hopes up yet that we are almost there, as things can change from day to day.

After having limited clear liquids for 24 hours, if all looks well in his xrays tomorow, he can start on a minimal fat diet. He will continue on this diet once he is discharged for approximately 3-6 months to restrict the fat intake that can cause the fluid issues. Praying that everything looks great tomorrow!

Our Adventures in the Hospital...

Feeling Great after taking a bath!

Hanging out in the Playroom!

Trevor had a visitor in the Playroom today!

SO HAPPY for the clear liquids!

Taking a rest during walk time!

Couple of Awesome Pictures taken by big brother Brandon.

More updates to come soon! 
 I will also be sharing some of the love & support
Trevor has been receiving during his journey.  


  1. So happy to read this! Sending my love to Trevor and you all!

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