Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1 Day Post-Fontan!

I've been waiting for this day to come to finally being able to say Post-Fontan! It is such a great feeling to have this 3rd planned open heart surgery over with. Wow... 1 DAY POST-FONTAN!!!!

Our day started out early yesterday arriving at the hospital at 5:00am. Grammie and Papa hung out with us until we headed back for the surgery prep. Then around 7:00am we were told it was time to go. A very emotional time for mommy and daddy, as we watched our little boy walk away with the nurse, praying that he would make it through the surgery. We just want to hold our baby boy again...please keep him safe. We were very hopeful though as we knew he was in good hands. (Later we were told that when they took him back to get him ready he sat their happily watching everyone working around him and he was so easy going. That is our little trooper!)

The next few hours we hung out at the Ronald McDonald House... just waiting for the phone call. That phone call came at 11:30am. He was out of surgery, everything went great, and they were in the process of taking him off the heart lung bypass machine, and we could see him in about an hour. Tears of joy!! In speaking with the heart surgeon, he was happy with the surgery and he said it was over quicker than they had planned for it.

It hurts so much seeing our baby boy like this. Walking into the room the first time after heart surgery, with a room full of equipment, our baby boy connected to lines and wires going in every direction, and breathing on a ventilator, is beyond words that I can't explain. It is so heartbreaking!

But our heart kiddos are fighters!! Within hours he was off the ventilator, breathing on his own and as the day progressed more and more equipment left the room.

The day after surgery.... we are now on the road to recovery!! YEAH, we have some pink toes, finger nails, and lips! (as they used to be bluish). In the last couple of hours a chest tube and a line in his chest & leg were taken out. He is on tylenol around the clock, with morphine as needed and they started him on heparin (blood thinner). Hopefully tomorrow when he starts waking up more we will start getting him to move. I know that first step isn't going to be an easy one.

Check out his progress below...

Getting ready for Surgery.

Our Heart Hero just returned from heart surgery! It hurts so much seeing our little boy like this :o(

Wow...A couple of hours later and we are already making progress.

His numbers are looking great!

On the road to recovery!  1 Day Post-Fontan!!

 Mommy & Daddy are so proud of their little warrior!!  He is so brave and strong!!

He is on the move...from bed to chair.

It's graduation time....we are moving from Critical Intensive Care to the Intermediate Care Unit tonight!!

Thank you everyone for your prayers, support, and love! Keep the prayers coming that recovery will continue this same way.

To Heart Mommys & Daddys - Stay Strong, As Your HEART HEROES Are Fighters!!

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  1. He looks fantastic!!! I LOVE the two pictures after surgery that are just hours apart and he looks SO much better with a lot less stuff already :) Keep up the good work Trevor- sending thoughts and prayers for a continued smooth and swift recovery!!! :) :)