Sunday, May 22, 2011


This is the day we have been waiting for (well, one of the days)... our little trooper has smiles again!! I thought the best way to start out this post is by sharing his precious smile.


We are getting some smiles even though we continue to battle with his pleural effusions (excess fluid that surrounds the lungs). After going back on an IV for a day, his levels were in the negative, but as soon as we started taking some fluids by mouth again, the output of fluids in the chest tube increased substantially. During the doctor rounds this morning it was decided that he would go back on the IV with nothing by mouth, except for ice chips every 2-3 hours. Xrays and levels will be reviewed once again in the morning. Right now he has one chest tube, pacing wires, and an IV in his hand. There are also discussions around the IV in his hand as this can stop working at any time. With blood draws for his potassium levels (which were low) and eventually to check his coumadin levels once he starts taking after his chest tube is removed, the doctors discussed options, one being putting a picc line in his arm. 

We continue making small progress every day. So we have had some minor bumps in the road, but the most important thing... his heart functions look great! 

Another big step in his recovery today was our walk around the pod and to the playroom!! It was only baby steps but we will continue working at it every day.

Our Heart Warrior!!

Thank you for the continued prayers, love, and support!

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