Friday, May 20, 2011

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

One of the important things that I learned from the nurses when Trevor was in the NICU, as a baby, was to expect good days and bad days. They said not to get discouraged when he takes two steps forward and then one step back, as it will happen.

Ok... we had that step back. Progression has slowed down and we are taking baby steps now. Trevor started having issues keeping fluids down. That was when the sign went up on his door "NPO" (Nothing By Mouth). Yesterday afternoon the doctors put him back on an IV to give his stomach a break and to give him some meds that would help with the stomach irritation. Later in the evening we were told that we could give him small amounts of ice chips as long as his stomach would tolerate it. So far so good, as we have moved on to water & gatorade.

Yesterday morning it was also mentioned that his chest tube would probably come out later, but that plan changed throughout the day as the output volume from his chest increased. Going from an average of about 15-20 mls every 4 hours to 50-60 mls. The xrays showed that he had fluid inside and outside the right lung (pleural effusions). So we've had to cut down on his fluid intake (by IV and mouth).

Today Trevor is feeling a bit better. He isn't sleeping around the clock as he has been doing the last couple of days. The doctors are monitoring his fluid intake, chest fluid output and blood labs, to make sure he stays on track.

Hoping that Trevor can continue taking fluids by mouth and that his chest fluids decrease so we can get the chest tube out soon. Once he can have his femoral line removed from his leg than we can go for wagon rides and hang out in the playroom. I can't wait to see my little munchkin running around again!

Trevor is finally sitting up in the chair again.

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  1. Love seeing Trevor with a smile back on his beautiful face. We are so thankful that all has gone well, aside from some of the minor setbacks. Grace is blowing Trevor kisses as she looks at his pictures. Look forward to getting together once he is home and feeling better. Love you guys and we are so happy you are post Fontan! And pink finger, toes and lips! WooHoo Trevor! :) Sherry, Mike & Grace